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Being a beta tester has advantages and disadvantages – you get access to the latest features and updates before anyone else, but you have to suffer through glitches and bugs.

WhatsApp allows any Android smartphone owners to road-test the beta version of its hugely-successful chat app.

However, users were perplexed by a bug that cropped up last week that replaced the “Yesterday” and “Today” timestamps in the beta with ASCII codes.

WhatsApp beta version 2.18.109 listed the last time users were online with the timestamps – ”89ESTERDAY” and “84ODAY”.

Needless to say, this caused some confusion amongst beta testers.

These timestamps appeared throughout the app, including the WhatsApp Status, messages, and calls.

It’s worth pointing out that the ASCII code of the alphabet T is 84 and alphabet Y is 89.

So, it seems the bug was simply swapping the first alphabets of the affected timestamps with their ASCII codes.

WhatsApp turned around a fix for the glitch in a matter of days, with the new beta version now available to download.

Any Android users can sign-up to become a beta tester.

Click here to sign-up and access the all-new features before anyone else.

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