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The viral video shows a Eurowings plane attempt a landing at Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport in high winds.

It can be seen coming onto the tarmac after being buffeted by winds of up to 70mph.

It then attempts to land sideways to make the landing safety.

Thankfully both wheels touch the floor and it successfully lands.

It is reported that there were 70 passengers onboard, but whilst it looks terrifying, isn’t actually all that dangerous.

After taking off from Sylt, an island in Germany, the crosswind landing is something that well-trained pilots can easily do.

To do it, the plane lands sideways whilst the nose stays in line with the runway.

This is called the “crab landing” and is a lot more common than people may realise when landing in difficult weather conditions.

Commercial airline pilot Daniel Fahl explained to CNN: “It’s not really dangerous. It just requires the utmost of your training to kick in.

“It does look dramatic, but that’s just because the airplanes are so susceptible to the wind. 

“But that’s how they’re designed. They’re designed to be weather vanes that point into the wind.”

Bad weather has been causing a number of planes to experience difficult issues when landing.

A British Airways flight was forced to abandon the planned landing at London City airport.

The strong winds from Storm Eleanor caused problems for the flight from Edinburgh.

The video shows the aircraft coming in for landing, only being forced to pull up at the last minute.

It then takes back off again before the wheels touch the ground.

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