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Bad drivers are often the star of the show in viral videos, with many of their highly illegal actions being caught on car dashcams.

Dangerous manoeuvres and bad judgement calls are just some of the things drivers have been seen doing on camera.

A man driving on the motorway in Japan caught one coach driver being unaware of his surroundings and nearly causing a high-speed crash.

Thankfully the driver filming manages to avoid it.

The dashcam footage shows a car trying to overtake a bright pink coach which is driving quickly.

Suddenly, as the coach speeds up, the hold door which contains the suitcases pulls up, either by accident or due to the driver pressing the button.

Suitcases begin to fall out of the hold, skidding into the middle of the road.

The driver then slams on the brakes and avoids hitting any of them.

The Imgur video, with over 113,000 views already, shocked users that this could happen when a coach is driving.

One wrote: “Never even thought about the fact that this could happen. One more reason to worry about my luggage when travelling on a bus now.”

Another couldn’t resist a funny pun about the situation.

They remarked: “I asked my lawyer if I could sue over this. He said I didn’t have much of a case.”

It isn’t the first near miss caught on camera after a shocking video emerged on Imgur.

A lorry was seen dangerously wobbling after falling into a ditch during a traffic queue.

The car in the lane next to it attempted to avoid it by moving over to the side of the road.

Thankfully the wobbling lorry regained its balances before it crushed the car.

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