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Restaurants vary greatly in standards. Some have highly trained waiters and Michelin starred chefs, others are publicly outed regarding their shocking service and cleanliness.

One restaurant in particular has surfaced on the internet as having shocking levels of hygiene.

A video rapidly going viral has captured several giant rats scurrying around buckets of food in the kitchen and even eating noodles.

The rodents are enormous and are practically swarming over the noodles as they feast on the food.

They seems particularly keen to perch on the edge of a red vat to get nearer what seems to be noodles submerged in liquid. 

To make matters worse, people can be seen walking past the shelves and doing absolutely nothing. 

Either they are obvious to the creatures or they have noticed and simply don’t care.

It is believed to have been filmed in China and has even viewed nearly 90,000 times online.

Viewers have been horrified by the disgusting footage. “Same size as cats!” one exclaimed.

One viewer saw the lighter side and posted a screenshot of the Pixar film Ratatouille in which a rat dreams of becoming a chef – the image shows the main character on the edge of a pan ready to add some garnish to a dish.

Another joked, “I’m impressed at their ability to remain dry.”

Another recent viral video that had viewers squirming in disgust was of a woman who decided to shave her legs in a hotel swimming pool.

Footage shows the women – who is wearing a swimming costume and sunglasses – perched on the edge of the pool running a razor up and down her legs.

To make matters even worse, children are playing right next to her.

She even rinses the razor in the swimming pool water before continuing with her routine. 

Despite the unpleasant nature of her task, no one in the clip appears to prevent the women from carrying on.

Online viewers have also been shocked at a viral video of a baggage-handler carelessly throwing passengers’ bags down a chute at Honolulu Airport as she unloaded the aircraft after a flight. 

The video, taken by Australian reporter Vanessa Marsh, went viral after she posted it on Twitter.

Several other examples of careless baggage-handlers have also been caught tossing passengers’ precious cargo off planes.

Last July, an airport staff member was seen kicking and hurling suitcases after they dropped from his truck on to the road. 

Another incident occurred at Luton Airport in March, where airport staff were filmed throwing and forcefully kicking suitcases after lugging them from an easyJet flight.

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