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The viral video shows drone footage of a huge spinning ice disc spotted in the Liao River in China.

People can be seen jumping onto it as it slowly spins around by itself.

Even with as many as a dozen people, the disc continues to move with kids and animals also jumping on to it.

But what has caused it? Experts weigh in on the theory behind the mysterious circle.

Many experts hypothesised that the chunk of ice slowly carved itself into a circle whilst spinning.

In 1997, a paper in the Royal Meteorological Society theorised this was caused by a whirlpool freezing.

This has since been debunked by experts who have revealed what has caused the phenomenon.

A team of physicists from the University of Liege in Belgium analysed the theory in the journal Physical Review E.

They explained that it is due to the temperature of the water. As it rises, the water becomes denser. 

The water around the disc then melts, which twists and creates a rising vortex.

The ice then spins and grinds itself into forming a circle, with the actions similar to how a plughole works.

The mysterious spinning ice occurs in other destinations such as the Arctic, Scandinavia and Canada.

They are often much smaller, without being able to have people on top but can grow up to 17m.

A similar one was spotted last year in northeastern Inner Mongolia, which was found in a frozen river in Hulun Buir City in November.

The much smaller disc, measuring four metres, went viral after a man film himself spinning on it.

According to National Geographic, one was also found in central Russia, near Omsk Oblast last August.

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