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A viral video has captured the moment a police dinghy in Australia was stalked by a huge great white shark.

Measuring at 4.5 metres long, the animal was longer than the inflatable raft itself and reportedly followed the boat for ten minutes.

It also circled the 5.7-metre fishing boat that it had been approaching in the water.

The police officers were carrying out drug tests and safety regulations on recreational boats in the water in South Australia when the incident occurred.

The men on the fishing boat spoke of their nervousness at the creature, later dubbed Noah.

Mark Oates, one of the passengers told ABC radio in Adelaide: “We kind of had thoughts of changing our Bonds [underwear] a couple of times.

“So we powered up and cruised out of there but it just kept following us for 10 minutes.”

He said that he warned the police officers to “back off a bit” due to the proximity of the shark.

Due to the shark being so close, it meant that “little fish” were caught by them that day.

They also avoided being breathalysed by the officers as the police avoided boarding the boat.

South Australia police took to Twitter after the scary event: “Police were concentrating on recreational boats and checking registration, licences and safety equipment along with alcohol and drug-testing operators when they were paid a visit by one of the locals.

“Noah wasn’t keen on being breath tested and our Water Operations Unit officers were happy to oblige!”

The shark was not allowed to be interred with due to Australian laws.

They are listed as “vulnerable” and are not allowed to be harmed unless granted in exceptional circumstances.

There are thought to be as many as 12,800 great white sharks surrounding the coastlines of Australia, according to national science body CSIRO.

A great white shark in South Africa came dangerously close to a diver who was filming underwater.

The creature can be seen flashing its teeth during filming.

Suddenly it heads straight to the cameraman and comes within inches.

At the last minute, it swerves away and swims in another direction.

The video makes for a nerve-wracking watch.

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