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A viral video has captured the terrifying moment an Air Canada flight almost landed on a busy runway.

The incident occurred on July 7 last year with the video having recently been released.

In the video, the plane can be seen flying dangerously low as it attempted to land despite a number of other aircraft carriers taxiing.

At the last minute, the plane pulls up despite believing it was on the correct runway which the pilot Dimitrios Kisses later said was because “things were not adding up”.

An investigation that was launched by the National Transport Safety Board (NTSB) is still underway.

Audio at the time of the incident between the Air Canada pilot and air traffic control has since been released.

The Air Canada pilot asked: “Tower, just want to confirm, this is AI Canada 759. We see some lights on the runway there. Confirming good to land?”

The control tower confirms, stating: “Air Canada 759 confirmed cleared to land Runway 28 Right. There is no one on 28 Right but you.”

As they attempt to land, another speaker who is unknown then asked: “Where is this guy going? He’s on the taxiway.”

A United Airlines pilot was also recorded warning: “United-1 Air Canada flew directly over us.”

The plane came without just 59 feet above the the grounded aircraft, similar in height to a passenger plane.

It’s closeness to the other jets can be seen by the Air Canada plane’s lights being able to illuminate the plane beneath it that it nearly collide with.

Whilst the pilot did then pull up, Air Traffic Control can be seen warning them to do so six seconds later.

Thankfully, the plane then succesfuly landed on an alternative runway with no injuries or problems occurring.

Both pilots admitted to being tired in the NTSB report later on.

There was also just one man on Air Traffic Control.that night, which has since been changed to always requiring two during late night shifts.

It isn’t the first time a plane has landed on the incorrect runway.

A pilot was recently suspended after landing on a closed runway and was left unable to taxi to the airport.

The Vietnam Airlines flight was then stuck with all 203 passengers onboard who had to be transported to Cam Ranh airport.

Good weather and fully working equipment was later reported.

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