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A viral video has captured a traffic warden on a busy road directing traffic.

Filmed on his vehicle dash cam, he uses lights to direct traffic around his car as it appears to be parked in the middle lane.

Most of the cars manage to avoid him, as the lane is empty.

He stops and looks into the distance only to run at full speed out of shot.

What happens next could have had a fateful outcome for the poor man.

As he runs away, a lorry can be seen speeding towards the car.

They appear to have ignored the cones and flashing lights and hurtle towards the man.

At the last minute, the driver notices and sharply turns to the left.

The vehicle somehow comes to a top, missing both the man and the car.

No-one appears to have been hurt, thankfully.

The Imgur video has had over 450,000 views with many online users shocked at the video.

One noticed his hilarious actions whilst running: “Better take off my hat so I can run faster.”

Others praised the lorry drivers actions.

Another remarked: “Say what you will, that’s an impressive stop.”

Of course, one noted: “I think paying attention to the road and seeing the cop more than 20 metres out would probably be more impressive.”

Another lorry had a different kind of accident when driving with a full load.

Captured in the US, the vehicle is driving towards a low bridge on a highway.

What they haven’t realised is that the trailer on the back is still up.

As they go under the bridge, the roof is dramatically ripped off and the contents spill out over the road.

Whilst no-one was injured, an investigation has been launched to establish the cause of the incident.

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