UK expats ‘left in the dark’ during ‘difficult’ times living abroad during Covid & Brexit | Travel News | Travel


Though the ongoing lockdowns spreading across Europe are a key destroyer of the previously connected world we lived in, Brexit has also brought with it a number of key changes for British travellers.

Most notably for expats, the loss of the freedom of movement UK residents once had within the EU.

Now the UK has left the EU, Britons hoping to move to an EU country must have a valid visa.

Though, as an EU resident of three years, Ms Allason has a right to stay in Austria, Brexit has added yet another layer uncertainty.

“I don’t know what impact that will have,” she said.

“I literally have just tried to block it out because I think there isn’t really a concrete plan.”

She continued: “I would love for my kids to go to school in England but it is so expensive and also it’s like will it happen?

“I don’t know; you just can’t plan anything anymore. We were such planners before right and.. now we have all learned to back away and live a little bit vicariously.”

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