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Travel news includes an ever growing list of travel hacks offered up by expert travellers.

These can help you find the best restaurants, greatest photography spots and nicest hotels.

It can also save you a lot of time and, even more importantly, money.

Many travellers are away they could be ripped off by companies charing exorbitant prices in a bid cash in on that fresh-of-the-plane feeling of bewilderment.

A lot of travellers find that they spend over the odds for their hire care. How can you avoid this?

One Redditor revealed their best tip to pay £355 less for a hire car.

mtg-Moonkeeper said: “If you need to rent a car, rent from a place that is within a short cab drive distance to the airport as opposed to the car rental locations at the airport itself.

“The difference saved me $500 on a recent trip to Florida.”

Others agreed with the interesting piece of advice.

One wrote: “This is a good one. Airport rentals jack up their prices, for obvious reasons.”

More travellers then piled in to add their lessons learned from experience.

Catawba1 said: “The off brand rental companies are usually very close nearby and have much lower rates.

“But a lot of them have business models to sneak in extra fees and ding you for minor damage. You need to check Yelp or other review sites because a lot of off brand car rental places have extremely poor reputations.

“Which is hard to believe because the name brand places usually have bad reviews as well, so if the off brand places have even worse ones, they are really really bad.”

There are various other travel tips that can help you get the most from you trip.

This includes finding cheap flights, and Skyscanner has released from interesting data to inform their customers. 

Skyscanner looked through three years of booking data to revealed where you can save money in your travel plans.

Do you know which is the cheapest day to book a flight, and which day booking could leave you out of pocket?

According to the website the most expensive times to book and fly are the weekend.

When you book and when you travel has a huge impact on the price of your tickets.

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