Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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Time travel proof: Future time traveller predicts computer led world government APEXTV | Weird | News

The extraordinary claim was made via a video published by conspiracy theory YouTube site ApexTV. In the video the man, who gives his name as Noah, claims globalism will become more popular than nationalism. He goes on to show what he claims is a page from a future library book to support his assertions.

Noah asserted: “Artificial intelligence completely controls the government.

“Government officials you see only make up around 10 percent of the government.

“The rest is worked by 90 percent AI.”

Noah claims the existence of alien life will be confirmed by governments in 2028, the same year they will acknowledge the existence of time travel technology.

He argues meeting aliens will make humans more conscious of their identity as a species and help facilitate the breakup of the current state system.

Noah claimed: “Aliens make us more united.

“Now that there is intelligent life living amongst us we consider ourselves people that live on Earth.

“We consider the whole world one giant country.”

Thus the human race will accept one world government, controlled by AI, and a global currency.

This will be accompanied by a single flag representing the human race, depicting several rings attached together.

Noah emphasised in 2028 “we become peaceful with aliens” who start to live amongst the human race.

The self-proclaimed future-man went on to show what he said were library pages from the future, in order to support his claims.

The pages indicate President Trump will be re-elected in 2020, and that during 2029 technology will be released allowing humans to artificially augment their brains.

However, a number of YouTube commentators were sceptical about Noah’s claims.

One posted: “How are these library pages? Its printed paper. I could type this and print it.”

Another added: “Please stop giving this fraud airtime Apex. His 15 minutes of fame was up 20 minutes ago.”

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