Wednesday , January 29 2020

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Pension contributions: Average missing pension pot could see you retire 2.5 years early | Personal Finance | Finance

“Forgetting to notify all your pension providers when you move means you won’t receive your pension documents and annual statements. “Auto-enrolment to workplace pension schemes means you could have a pension pot from every job you have had, and with people working an average of 11 jobs in their career, …

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Archaeology news: Settlements hidden for 2500 years baffle archaeologists | Science | News

Mr Wawrusiewicz said: “Building dykes, digging trenches, even in our historical times, was not always defensive. “Sometimes it delimited certain zones – the sacred and the profane. “The trench, the embankment, was supposed to demarcate the sacred zone with the everyday zone.” The archaeologist added: “We currently don’t know what …

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