Monday , February 17 2020

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Flights: Instagram amazed as plane passengers eats this weird food in odd viral video | Travel News | Travel

Others presumed she must be vegan while a few identified with her. “Her New Year’s resolution goals are strong,” one Instagram user posted. “This is how vegans casually snack,” another added.“I thought she was about to make a Bloody Mary,” a third said. Some people criticised her choice of noisy …

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What the CROC? Shock video reveals crocodiles galloping at speeds of 11mph | Nature | News

Crocodiles are rightly considered as stealthy, green killing machines. And the ancient reptiles are now that little more terrifying after dramatic video shows the swamp beast barrelling along at surprising speeds. Veterinary scientists have discovered how a significant number of species are capable of galloping when they hitting their top …

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