Monday , March 30 2020

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Nicola Sturgeon CANCELS all cancer screening in Scotland as coronavirus crisis intensifies | UK | News

Scotland’s First Minister stated that elective surgeries and all screening programmes have been suspended for at least 12 weeks. This includes breast, cervical and bowel screenings. There are currently more than 19,500 cases of COVID-19 in the United Kingdom. The First Minister of Scotland said: “We have had to take some …

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Sturgeon and SNP are ‘desperate’ to see Brexit fail in order to launch independence agenda | UK | News

The leader of the Scottish Conservative Party told that the Scottish Government needed to find solutions so that the whole of the United Kingdom can succeed outside of the European Union. Mr Carlaw also outlined his strong opposition to another referendum on Scottish independence and ruled out supporting one.   …

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Nicola Sturgeon told ‘her time is up’ as SNP labelled ‘morally and politically bankrupt!’ | UK | News

During an interview with prior to the coronavirus pandemic, Jackson Carlaw labelled Ms Sturgeon the most polarising figure in Scottish politics. Mr Carlaw also blasted the SNP as morally and politically bankrupt.  The Scottish Conservative Party leader said: “Nicola Sturgeon has now become the most polarising figure in Scottish …

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Nicola Sturgeon confirms Scotland has called for military help in a coronavirus crackdown | UK | News

Nicola Sturgeon revealed this afternoon that Scotland had called on the military to help amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Speaking at a press conference, the Scottish First Minister told reporters that the military were needed to evacuate a coronavirus patient from an island. This comes as Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer …

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Sturgeon shame: SNP accused of using Scottish independence to hide own Government failures | Politics | News

Nicola Sturgeon is continuing her relentless push to force a second referendum on Scottish independence, just five-and-a-half years after the country rejected breaking free from the UK. The SNP has launched scathing attacks against Boris Johnson over his continued rejections of a second referendum, with Ms Sturgeon raging Brexit happened …

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