Wednesday , April 8 2020

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Coronavirus UK: Britain should pursue China for £351bn virus fee – shock report | UK | News

An investigation by the Henry Jackson Society has concluded China could have mitigated the worldwide economic impact of COVID-19 and indicated there is evidence the Chinese Government breached international healthcare responsibilities. The British foreign policy think-tank estimates the spread of coronavirus, which has infected more than one million people globally, has …

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Coronavirus flights: Pilot shares how easily disease can spread on planes in shock warning | Travel News | Travel

Smith concludes by pointing out “how ruthlessly jetliners can, potentially, push contagions from one corner of the globe to the other” –  and that in fact, we’ve actually been lucky so far, given the relatively low death rate of coronavirus. For those worried about catching something nasty when flying, there …

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BBC shock: Radio listeners told ‘exactly how they might die’ from coronavirus | UK | News

Coronavirus has continued to spread across the world and has officially infected more than one million people globally. Palliative care expert, Kathryn Mannix told the BBC how people with severe cases of coronavirus die “quite quickly”. She explained understanding the process would help the public cope. Speaking to BBC’s Coronavirus …

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