Monday , January 27 2020

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Asteroid shock: Bright fireball caught on camera above London, Ontario | Science | News

Hundreds of eyewitnesses across the Canadian city reported seeing the bright fireball streaking across the sky on January 22. Thankfully, a network of cameras from the Desert Fireball Network (DFN) captured the phenomenon, with planetary astronomer Peter Brown from the University of Western Ontario sharing the subsequent footage on Twitter. …

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Turkey earthquake: Huge 6.7magnitude quake hits Merkez – major damage reported | Science | News

The USGS has announced the powerful earthquake was of a magnitude 6.7. Other affected countries include parts of Syria, Georgia, and Armenia. The epicentre of the earthquake has been confirmed to have occurred in Doğanyol, Malatya, Turkey. Seismologists believe the quake originated 6 miles (10km) under the ground. No reports …

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Archaeology breakthrough: Harvard scientists sequence the DNA of 8,000 year old children | Science | News

This implies present-day Bantu speakers in western Cameroon and across Africa did not descend from the sequenced children’s population. One individual’s genome includes the earliest-diverging Y chromosome type, found almost nowhere outside western Cameroon today. The results show that this oldest lineage of modern human males has been present in …

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