Wednesday , January 29 2020

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NASA spacewalk: See astronaut’s incredible space selfie from NASA’s all-female spacewalk | Science | News

On the orbital laboratory daytime and nighttime only last about 45 minutes each as the ISS completes a lap around our planet every 90 minutes. Every 24 hours, the ISS witnesses a total of 16 sunsets and 16 sunrises. After NASA’s astronauts completed their seven-and-a-half-hour servicing mission, Mrs Koch took …

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NASA: Is there life on other planets – Iceland researchers hope to prove aliens exist | Science | News

Instead, colonies of microbes group in single “hot spots”, depending on processes such as wind and glaciation. Biochemist Amanda Stockton from the Georgia Institute of Technology told the American Geophysical Union: “What FELDSPAR researchers have been working on is trying to figure out how many samples we need to get …

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Dark Matter: NASA confirms ‘Cold Dark Matter’ theory with Hubble telescope | Science | News

In the absence of evidence for such small-scale clumps, some researchers have developed alternative theories, including “Warm Dark Matter”. The “Warm” theory suggests dark matter particles are fast moving, speeding around too fast to merge and form smaller concentrations. The new Hubble observations do not support this scenario, finding dark …

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