Monday , January 27 2020

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North Korean hacker group Lazarus targets British crypto users | City & Business | Finance

Now researchers from cybercrime experts Kaspersky Labs say Lazarus is launching a new wave of hacks to steal cryptocurrency to fund the brutal dictatorship of Kim Jong-un. “Victims were recorded in the UK, Poland, Russia and China,” the Kaspersky report states. “Moreover, we were able to confirm that several of the …

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Cryptocurrency latest: Brits warned over potential crypto scam | City & Business | Finance

The Financial Conduct Authority put out a warning that Pro-options – which offers ‘profitable investment in Bitcoin’ – may be an investment scam. The Pro-options website – riddled with spelling and grammar errors – features enthusiastic praise from so-called investors working for fictional firms like Skynet, which featured in the …

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Teenager arrested over million-dollar crypto phone hack | City & Business | Finance

Yousef Selassie is said to have deployed a sophisticated SIM-swapping technique to access 75 phones from his apartment in Brooklyn, New York. The 19-year-old is accused of ‘jacking’ phones across 20 states earlier this year. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office claims Selassie was able to reset victims’ passwords and access …

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