Saturday , February 22 2020

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Coronavirus warning: Diabetes sufferers at ‘severe risk’ as everyone can catch deadly flu | UK | News

Coronavirus has killed 2,366 across the world and infected 77,976 people since the December outbreak in Wuhan, China. While the World Health Organisation desperately develops a vaccine, virologist expert Dr Mike Skinner has explained anyone can catch the disease but will have different experiences with it. Speaking to, Dr …

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Coronavirus news: 650 MILLION to fall ill before coronavirus peak – Worst-case scenario | Science | News

The coronavirus epidemic has already infected more than 75,000 people since it first emerged in China‘s Wuhan City last year. The SARS-related virus is also responsible for at least 2,102 deaths in China and parts of the world. Scientists studying the novel strain of coronavirus fear the epidemic could rapidly deteriorate …

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