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According to TechCrunch, Snapchat users have now started to see these changes.

The photo-based social network is now displaying Stories in reverse chronological order for some users, replacing the controversial redesign’s algorithmically sorted feed.

Showing the most recently shared Stories first in the feed makes them predictable and coherent to browse, since it allows users to check-in and see what it happening with their friends right now.

However, this type of reverse chronological order favours those who post frequently to the social network, burying other users at the bottom of the feed.

Snapchat’s move to algorithmic ranking in its big redesign earlier this year was in part designed to ensure users never missed Stories from those they interacted with on Snapchat the most – even if they posted far less frequently.

Facebook’s News Feed used a very similar algorithmic ranking method for a long time, and Instagram employed a similar technique when it moved away from a chronological feed two years ago.

Switching to algorithmic sorting helped Instagram and Twitter boost growth, likely why Snapchat made it part of the redesign.

However the move back to reverse chronological order should appease those who were against the changes introduced at the start of the year.

Snapchat has over 10 million daily users in the UK.

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