Friday , May 29 2020

Shaun Bailey reveals TWO ‘secret weapons’ to beat Sadiq Khan in London Mayoral election | UK | News

Shaun Bailey told that his motivation for becoming the Mayor of London is not sparked from party politics but instead from a desire to improve the quality of life for Londoners. Mr Bailey slammed the current London Mayor’s record as woeful and stated that Mr Khan’s predecessor Boris Johnson was light-years ahead of him. 

Mr Bailey said: “I have two secret weapons to beat Sadiq Khan.

“One this is not a party political thing for me, this is about appealing to Londoners that have to work for a living.

“The vast majority of London works so hard just to make ends meet, my politics is about making that journey through life a little bit easier, safer and more pleasurable.

“The other thing is Sadiq Khan, his record is woeful, it is a simple fact.

“Both Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson were lightyears ahead of him. London can do better.”

He continued: “If you look at the tactics of Sadiq Khan – never taking responsibility, always passing the buck, never having decent financial management and always making poor decisions once he has been forced to make a decision.

“Those things will not go away, he will not improve.

“All the time London is losing ground and I think Londoners are really beginning to understand that.” 

During the same interview, Mr Bailey criticised Mr Khan for his “poor relationship” with the UK Government – amid the coronavirus crisis – and claimed he broke the trust of Boris Johnson.

“That kind of thing causes a panic, he should be ashamed of himself.

“In that sense, the Government are right to hold him out because they cannot have debates privately about really important things because he lets the information slip.

“It is just disappointing and also it is serious, and I wish he hadn’t done things like that.”

Responding to Mr Bailey’s comments, a Mayoral spokesperson said: “This is partisan nonsense from Bailey with no basis in fact.

“It is common knowledge and entirely unsurprising that the Mayor and some Ministers have disagreed on things – not least the recent TfL financial deal in which the Government insisted on punishing Londoners by raising fares, restricting free travel for over 60s and suspending free travel for under 18s altogether.

“Sadiq’s job is to stand up for Londoners’ interests. He makes no apologies for doing so.”

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