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Samsung Gear S4 is purportedly currently in development and scheduled to launch in late 2018

Samsung Gear S4 could launch this year, according to a new report from SamMobile.

The technology blog has a solid track record when it comes to forecasting forthcoming Samsung hardware.

SamMobile claims the South Korean technology firm is developing a new smartwatch with the model number SM-R800.

Whether this upgraded wearable is marketed as Gear S4 is not yet known.

Samsung launched its Gear S3 Classic and Gear S3 Frontier watches back in November 2016.

The fitness-focused Gear Sport launched in October 2017, with the Gear S3 series remaining on-sale.

Little is known about the so-called Gear S4, however SamMobile believes the new smartwatch will ship upgraded internals, more accurate sleep tracking capabilities and new fitness functionality.

Like its predecessors, Gear S4 will most likely be powered by Samsung’s own TizenOS operating system.

Samsung has tweaked its wearable software to work with round touchscreen displays.

Users can navigate the operating system with the touchscreen, or by twisting the bezel around the display, like a diver’s watch.

SamMobile claims the Gear S4 will be compatible with both Android and iOS, like the Gear S3 Classic, Gear S3 Frontier, and Gear Sport before it.

Unfortunately for those eager for a new Samsung-made smartwatch, SM-R800 is likely aiming for a release date in the fourth quarter of the year.

That’s sometime between October and December, which is the same timeframe as previous TizenOS wearables.

The news comes as .

The company has included a redesigned user interface, brand-new fitness features, and the ability to control a PowerPoint presentation or Gear VR from your wrist.

Following the latest update to TizenOS, the Gear S2 includes a new App Shortcuts widget that automatically includes your most recent apps.

Samsung also lets users manually select their favourites, should they choose.

Additionally, the Gear S2’s Quick Panel, which is designed to offer speedy access to common settings such as display brightness, volume and aeroplane mode, can now be viewed by swiping down from all screens – not just the watch face.

The Gear S2 Quick Panel is now accessible on every screen, not just the watch faceSAMSUNG

The Gear S2 Quick Panel is now accessible on every screen, not just the watch face

Samsung also says that its new update optimises the icons and widgets for the Gear S series’ circular display.

Another headline feature in the new update is Samsung Health, which now includes a multi-workout widget for quicker access to your favourite exercise, inactivity alerts, and a new weight management feature.

As you’d expect, this feature juxtaposes your daily exercise and calorie intake.

In addition, as well as viewing your heart rate in real-time, Gear S2 owners can access and control exercise-related video content from their wrist, after connecting the device to a smartphone synced to your TV, to experience a professional fitness program at home.

The updated Gear S2 is able to connect with even more of the hardware and software you already use and enjoy.

For example, download the Gear VR Controller app and you will be able to manipulate the Gear VR with your Gear S2 as you interact with VR content.

The new update brings the ability to control a PowerPoint presentation from your wristSAMSUNG

The new update brings the ability to control a PowerPoint presentation from your wrist

For office workers who want to make the right impression with their presentations, the PPT Controller app allows them to control the display of PowerPoint slides – even offering a timer function – so they can ensure a slick presentation, without having to remember to bring a PowerPoint clicker.

Lastly, a daily weather update to your wrist provides Gear S2 wearers with weather information, forecast updates, UV index, sunrise and sunset hours, and other weather details.

The Gear S2’s latest software update is available to download via the Samsung Gear app.

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