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Retirement and me: State pensioner on topping up pension income by £230 per month | Personal Finance | Finance

“There was no stress around healthcare because the NHS was very good. I think it’s mostly education – that you could just get yourself to college, or university, have it all completely funded. My son’s got fees to pay back – I didn’t have that pressure.”

After signing up with Koru Kids, Jan began working as a Nanny in early September last year, working between 3pm and 6pm three days a week.

“The family and I clicked pretty well straight away,” she says. :The little boy I look after is delightful. And as I say, for a writer it’s very good to be with a child because the creative time you spend with them, it’s playful, it’s in the moment, it’s very grounding, and it’s a pleasure.

“I mean it’s hard work – I need energy. I’ve got to always be on the ball and thinking of his needs and what we’re going to do and plan things.”

While the role may have its demands, Jan explains that it’s stimulating at the same time – and there’s no paperwork attached to it.

Jan earns £9.20 an hour, meaning she ends up with around £230-£240 per month for the part-time job.

While the job brings a wealth of benefits which one can’t put a price on, the money provides a well-earned bonus to paying for things in daily life.

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