Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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Red Dead Redemption 2: How to create characters in Red Dead 2 online | Gaming | Entertainment

Red Dead Redemption 2 online play is Rockstar game’s next development plan for the massive single-player experience. Fans have heralded the game as an instant classic, sinking hundreds of hours into single player gameplay. Now, everyone has turned their attention online, expecting an equally groundbreaking development. This is certainly shaping up to be the case, as Rockstar has introduced one of the most detailed online character creators to date.

How to create characters in Red Dead Redemption Online

Only those who have purchased the Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition will have beta access at the moment, with all players will to be given access by November 30.

Character creation for the online platform is an important part of the online experience, as it will be the first thing all players do.

Rockstar says: “Red Dead Online begins with creating your character.

“Detail your appearance and attributes before you set out on your journey from Sisika Penitentiary.”

The online customisation is extensive, much like creating your own character for an RPG.

Booting the online mode will enable players to straight away choose if they want to play as a man or a woman, then players can jump in to the finer details.

The game will supply you with a base appearance which can be customised as closely as eye-socket depth.

Jaw width, nose types, age and scars can also be chosen among a massive selection of other choices.

Hair and beard type can also be chosen like in the single-player version, giving players the ultimate freedom to create their perfect avatar.

What can you do in the Red Dead Redemption 2 online mode?

Rockstar Games’ new online platform is set to be their most extensive yet.

The developers have included an expansive open world for players to engage with, allowing them to develop their own play styles.

Characters will start their journey from Sisika penitentiary, and then roam around with friends or alone, and play offensively or with honour.

The game’s honour system will be transferring online with the players, giving people the choice to develop as a hero or as a fully fledged outlaw.

Honour will directly determine the kind of missions players get online.

Rockstar says: “Missions can vary based on how noble or nefarious you are – for example, an honourable gunslinger may be asked to help escort a convoy, defending it from attacking gangs or even other players’ Posses, whereas a dishonourable outlaw may be asked to help spring a felon from the law.”

Camp will also be coming online, and players will be able to customise the base area alongside their weapons.

Clearly, Rockstar are aiming to equip Red Dead Redemption 2 with their most ambitious online mode ever.

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