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Qantas, the flagship carrier for Australia has floated the idea of launching a cargo ticket for passengers.

The proposed plans would have passengers placed in a hold with room to exercise and sleep.

The new zones would be fitted with exercise facilities and sleeping booths that would provide luxurious respite for passengers on long-haul flights.

As airlines plan to extend flight times, the new cargo zone would be beneficial to the health of passengers.

Whilst speaking to the London Aviation club, Qantas Chief announced to the audience that the plans are being discussed.

Named “Project Sunrise”, the new zones could be revolutionary to long-haul travel.

According to The Australian Business Traveller, Alan Joyce revealed the plans in a speech at the club.

He said, “One of the concepts that we have is … could some of the freight areas we may not use be used as an exercise area?

“Could they be used for berths for people to sleep in?”

He went on to question the cabin class system saying: “Is there a new class that’s needed on the aircraft?”

According to Mashable, Qantas already approached the idea with Boeing and Airbus.

The airline already works with these companies on their 777-8X and A350-900 aircrafts.

Mr Joyce reportedly added that the new proposal would be a challenge for the airlines as planes are already tight for space.

He also explained that aviation regulator would need to changes the rules regarding pilot flight time.

The proposal comes as airlines such as Qantas are looking into extending flight times with a cabin full of passengers.

As current, the average stopping flight time from London to Sydney takes 23 hours.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner from London to Perth is currently the longest flight in the world.

If this flight time was to be increased, the new proposal zone would provide passengers with more space to move around the cabin.

Mr Joyce elaborated to say “nothing is off the table.”

The elaborate and bold plans would re-image commercial flying as we know it.

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