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Priti Patel news: ‘Leave her alone’: Iain Duncan Smith rages at civil servants | Politics | News

A report published at the weekend claimed the security service did not trust and so had reduced the volume of intelligence they showed to her – with an source subsequently taking the unusual step of denying the Sunday Times story. , who worked closely with Ms Patel when he was Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and she was Employment minister between 2015 and 2016, blamed civil servants who he said were maliciously briefing against her.

Speaking to at the House of Commons, Mr Duncan Smith, MP for Chingford and Woodford Green, said: “It’s completely ridiculous really.

“Civil servants, many of whom I’ve worked with, are brilliant, excellent people who get on with it and don’t get involved in this nonsense.

“But there are some who have decided for whatever reason they want to make life difficult for her and that’s nonsense.

Ms Patel, who has also been accused of trying to force out senior civil servant Sir Philip Rutnam, is “deeply concerned” at the “false allegations”, the BBC reported yesterday.

A Downing Street spokesman said on Monday: “The Prime Minister has full confidence in the Home Secretary and the vital work she is doing.”

The Sunday Times report suggested spies regularly “roll their eyes” at Ms Patel’s remarks during meetings.

However, the source security said the report was untrue.

The insider explained: “No information is being withheld.

“Any report suggesting otherwise is simply wrong and does not serve the public interest.”

The source added: “Reports suggesting that the Home Secretary and MI5 do not have a strong relationship are simply untrue.

“The Home Secretary is briefed daily on intelligence matters in exactly the same way as any previous post holder.”

MI5, was founded in 1909 to counter German espionage ahead of World War1, and is responsible for protecting British national security.

Its most important role is countering international terrorism, although it is also a counter-intelligence agency.

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