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Prince Philip has been lucky enough to visit all four corners of the globe during his long life. Royals are often presented with gifts when they travel abroad. These can be wide-ranging indeed – and the Royal Collection Trust has highlighted just a few of the wonderful items the Duke of Edinburgh has been gifted over the years.

Silver spurs

In 1968, the Queen’s husband was given a pair of silver spurs from Chile (above top).

They were presented by the Club de Polo & Equitacion, San Cristobel.

Silver globe

A silver globe with an applied map of North America in gold was given to the royal by Variety Clubs International to commemorate the visit to North America in the cause of Youth Welfare, Toronto (above).

It showed Prince Philip’s USA journey in 1966.


Silver cigar box

With silver clearly proving a popular theme in gifts to Prince Philip, he was given a silver cigar box incised with a map of the Galapagos Islands after his visit in 1988 (below).

Ornamental cipher

Not everything given to Philip is silver, however.

In 1967, on a visit to Jordan, a carved mother-of-pearl frame containing the cipher of the Duke of Edinburgh was presented by the King of Jordan (above).

Grasshopper Wine bottle cooler

Some gifts might have been well up the Duke’s street, such the giant grasshopper from President Pompidou of France to the Duke of Edinburgh on the occasion of a State Visit to France in 1972 (above).

It has a brass body with iron legs and the head and body are plated with Sèvres biscuit-porcelain tiles.

The body is hinged to open so that it can be used as a wine-bottle cooler.

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