Monday , January 27 2020

Pound euro exchange rate: GBP fails to rise – should you buy travel money for holidays? | Travel News | Travel

Rob Stross, CMO of WeSwap, said: “When it comes to travel money, with the peaks and troughs of the pound in light of Brexit, it’s difficult to plan when to buy your travel money.”

He advised: “To try and keep ahead of the fluctuations, and even make the most of them, there are several rate alert systems you can use. Our Smart Swap feature is one example of these.”

Travellers should also be savvy about when they buy their money. “We’ve also done research that shows nearly half of Brits buy all their travel money in one sitting,” said Stross.

“It can be wise, however, to exchange half your holiday money now and half closer to when you go or if the pound strengthens.”

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