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Choosing a honeymoon destination can be a tricky business when looking for a romantic country for newlyweds to spend some time in.

New research has revealed some of the most popular destinations that have been chosen to find the top honeymoon countries.

Hillier Jewellers found, by analysing 10,000 images from Instagram, which locations are the best.

Both Meghan and Harry’s future honeymoon country makes the list, beating where Prince William and Kate Middleton honeymooned.

But where is the top spot for honeymooners this year?

According to the data, Thailand is the most popular place to choose for a honeymoon.

With clear water and sandy beaches, this may come as no surprise to people who have visited the country.

It is also a much more affordable destination compared to the countries that allowed close behind, such as the Maldives and the Caribbean.

The research also found adventurous holidays were on the rise, compared to relaxing beach breaks.

Countries such as New Zealand and Iceland are becoming more popular, whilst the most romantic destination of Paris is declining, coming in 20th.

Meghan and Harry are thought to be heading to South Africa for a honeymoon holiday, which came in at number 15 on the list.

The pair have previously travelled to Botswana together, which is also where Meghan’s diamond on her engagement ring came from.

For non-royal newlyweds, the beautiful country offers adventurous safaris and private lodges for some secluded romance.

South Africa trumped the Seychelles, which came in at number 18, and is where Prince William and Kate Middleton honeymooned back in 2011.

The couple stayed on North Island, one of the few privately owned out of 115 islands in Seychelles.

Villas on the island start from £4,922, with top suites costing a whopping £7,744 a night.

Where did other royal couples choose to go for their honeymoon after they were married?

Prince Charles and Princess Diana chose to sail around the Mediterranean on the Royal Yacht Britannia.

The Queen and Prince Philip were much more frugal, due to it being not long after World War II, and chose to stay in the UK for their honeymoon.

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