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Booking a plane seat can make a flight much easier when travelling with family.

Whilst airlines often let passengers book tickets without choosing a seat, what can then happen is that that groups could be split up and even be at the back or in the middle seat.

However, as flight prices decrease, airlines are forced to try and make a profit from additional costs.

But could buying a seat cost more than the ticket of a flight itself?

Research by travel search engine found that the seat sometimes costs up to 100 per cent more to reserve a plane seat.

One example they found was Ryanair who offered seats for just £7.49. If wanting a seat with friends or family or with extra leg room, seats could cost as much as £15.

A similar situation was found with Flights start from just £24, yet a priority seat can be £25 each way.

Other flights such as Thomas Cook charge a minimum of £10 for seats on a plane, whilst Lufthansa doesn’t always charge for their seat bookings.

John-Lee Saez, a travel expert at, commented: ”The research shows that some airlines are considerably tougher on the wallet if you wish to reserve a seat.

“If you have to check in at the desk, you will often find that being polite and just asking can get you the seat you want – whether that is next to someone else you want to sit with, or a seat with extra legroom.

“But in many cases, if you are checking in automatically, or with an airline where the format is ‘first come, first served’ when you get on board, the only way to guarantee is to pay.

“Sometimes the comfort is worth the cash, but don’t get caught up with unnecessary charges if you’re happy to sit next to whoever on the flight.”

The price of a seat can change depending on where it is located on the plane, with the middle seat not always being the cheapest.

On most airlines, the most expensive seats are found at the front of the plan and near the emergency exits.

This is so that passengers can have more leg room and get off the plane first.

Yet where are the cheapest seats found on a plane?

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