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As PC Palmer bled to death Masood went towards the Members Entrance in New Palace Yard where corridors lead to a suite of offices used by Mrs May and her Cabinet. 

Seconds before the attack on PC Palmer, Masood was challenged by a passer-by causing him to snarl: “**** off. You don’t want to mess with me.” 

The killing was witnessed by Parliamentary assistant Antonia Kerridge from her third floor office. 

Gareth Patterson, QC, representing families of Masood’s victims, told the court Theresa May had appeared at Prime Minister’s Questions at noon that day. 

He asked Miss Kerridge: “If he had made it to the Members Entrance, would it allow access to the chamber?”

She replied: “Not without passing through a number of other corridors and rooms. Eventually, yes, but there are a number of doors and people would have been in the way.” 

Mr Patterson added: “Is it from that entrance that the PM leaves the courtyard from after Prime Minister’s Questions?” 

Miss Kerridge said she didn’t know. 

But she agreed it was possible to reach Mrs May’s office in Parliament and the offices of Cabinet ministers via the MPs Entrance. 

“There are lots of corridors and stairwells but you would be able to get there,” she said. 

Armed with two long-bladed knives, Masood dashed into the precincts of Parliament after killing four people by mowing them down on Westminster Bridge on March 22 last year. 

He smashed the car into a perimeter wall at the Palace of Westminster in a crash which sounded like a “small explosion,” the inquest heard. 

As Masood, 52, dashed into New Palace Yard, his path was blocked by PC Palmer and two unarmed uniformed officers. 

PC Palmer struggled briefly with the terrorist as his two colleagues ran into New Palace Yard. 

Driven back by Masood, he fell over and was stabbed several times. 

One officer then ran back towards the pair. Masood was distracted and PC Palmer got up to run off but collapsed. 

By retreating from a man with a knife, the unarmed officers were following their training, the court heard. 

They had expected armed officers to be on the scene quickly. 

Miss Kerridge saw the officer slip on the wet cobblestones and fall over. 

“The attacker ran over to him and leant down towards him,” she said. 

“He raised the knife quite high and stabbed the officer two, three or four times. I can’t say how many, I was looking away. ” 

Masood appeared to be “assessing where to go next” when he was approached by a plain clothes police officer, the court heard. 

Miss Kerridge said: “A man in a grey suit ran out and drew a gun. He ran towards the attacker. He was about four or five metres away. The attacker was moving forward, holding the knife and still waving the knife. The man in the suit shot the attacker two or three times.” 

Earlier, the court heard an audio recording of the efforts to save PC Palmer. One of the dying officer’s colleagues urged him to fight on saying: “Keith. Keith. Come on, son.” 

The hearing continues.

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