Tuesday, November 12, 2019
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Paradise Beach tragedy sees two Brits killed in Thailand after tour bus plunges off road | World | News

The bus was taking tourists to Paradise Beach in Phuket before it crashed 1.15pm local time today. The roof was torn off and this resulted in passengers being thrown out of the bus. The driver was also knocked unconscious, according to The Sun.

Two ambulances were called to help those who had been injured, while the bus driver had to be carried from the wreckage.

A guest at the resort told The Sun: “I was just heading for lunch when I heard a massive crash and lots of screaming.

“Everyone rushed from the beach to find that a bus carrying tourists had lost control on a steep hill and crashed into the embankment.

“The island is in the hills which are extremely steep, it’s the only way you can reach the resort, and it appears that the driver lost control halfway down the final slope.”


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