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OnePlus fans will be able to knock more than £200 off the cost of a brand new OnePlus 6. This saving is down to the company’s time-limited trade-in bonus offer for OnePlus owners.

If you own a OnePlus 5T or a OnePlus 3, trading in your old handset will help to make the much-awaited OnePlus 6 more affordable.

To get this discount, OnePlus owners should visit the company’s dedicated trade-in site and fill in the details of their current phone.

Then, within two weeks of sending off your old phone you will receive a voucher which you can then put towards a OnePlus 6 on the site.

Once the flagship phone is released fans will be able to trade in their old phone for cash back after having bought the new model.

Of course, a OnePlus 5T in great condition will fetch a higher price than a scratched OnePlus 3, but all OnePlus owners can expect to receive a special bonus valuation.

For example, OnePlus says that for users who want to trade in a OnePlus 3 or 4T in good condition, they can expect to receive £205 towards the latest model, whereas usually the OnePlus 3 or 3T would only be worth £190.

The special bonus is to celebrate the launch of the Shenzhen firm’s flagship phone.

Likely to feature a glut of high-end features, the OnePlus 6 will be announced on May 16 and be on sale later in the month.

Leaks and teases have revealed that we can expect an 6.1 inch OLED edge-to-edge display, dual lens camera and water resistant design on a phone running on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 CPU.

It is also said to incorporate wireless charging and a 3,450mAh battery.

Carl Pei, OnePlus’ co-founder explained the firm’s motivation. He said: “We involved the Community since we began OnePlus and we’re always looking for new ways to reward our users.

“The value of smartphone trade-ins can change over time, and we’ve ensured we’ll always offer competitive trade-ins. Our Community have been on an incredible journey with us already and we’re looking forward to launching the OnePlus 6 with them.”

To find out how much you could save on a brand new OnePlus 6, visit the official trade-in site here:

Cashing in now might be a good idea for OnePlus owners. Exclusive research conducted by musicMagpie showed that OnePlus smartphones depreciate faster than any of their competitors when a new model is launched.

The trade-in company looked at data around the OnePlus 5T’s launch and showed that after six months the previous model – the OnePlus 5 — had lost 80 per cent of its value.

This week also saw another exciting OnePlus 6 announcement. It was revealed at the Google I/O developers conference that beta for the newest Android OS, Android P, will be available for download on the new OnePlus handset.

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