Friday , February 28 2020

Nicola Sturgeon to pile pressure on Boris Johnson by revealing independence plans IN DAYS | Politics | News

A spokesman for Scotland’s First Minister and the SNP leader confirmed she will set out her Government’s plans next week. He said: “The First Minister will seek to update before the end of the month, as she indicated.” Nicola Sturgeon’s spokesman insisted ministers are still committed to holding a referendum this year, despite the latest refusal from Boris Johnson last week.

He said the SNP’s position was “endorsed” by voters in last month’s general election, when Scotland’s ruling party won 47 of the 59 seats available in the country.

The spokesman added: ”It will be an update following the Prime Minister’s reply to the First Minister, which was delivered this time last week.

“It will be an update from our side on how we intend to move things forward in light of that reply.”

Ms Sturgeon is continuing her campaign for a second referendum on Scottish independence – more than five years after the country voted 55 percent to 45 percent in favour of remaining in the UK.

He refused to elaborate further, only to add: “As we move forward, they will all become clear.”

He also launched a furious attack against Mr Johnson, and said: “I think you can either have democracy or you can have dictatorship, you can’t have both.

“If Boris Johnson wants to be a dictator that simply says ‘other people’s votes don’t matter, Scotland’s doesn’t matter, Scotland isn’t a nation’.

“That is a decision which cannot hold in my view, because it goes so much against the views of the people of Scotland.”

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