Saturday , February 22 2020

NASA spacewalk: See astronaut’s incredible space selfie from NASA’s all-female spacewalk | Science | News

On the orbital laboratory daytime and nighttime only last about 45 minutes each as the ISS completes a lap around our planet every 90 minutes.

Every 24 hours, the ISS witnesses a total of 16 sunsets and 16 sunrises.

After NASA’s astronauts completed their seven-and-a-half-hour servicing mission, Mrs Koch took to Twitter to share her experience.

The astronaut also shared two pictures snapped by ISS Commander Luca Parmitano from the European Space Agency (ESA).

Mrs Koch tweeted from space: “From inside the @Space_Station, @astro_luca snapped these #spacewalk photos, capturing a moment of teamwork that I will never forget.

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