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Naga Munchetty, 45, admitted her distress over losing an item that’s deemed essential to her BBC Breakfast wardrobe. During a conversation on her new Radio 5 Live show, she and co-star Nicky Campbell, were discussing lost items and the presenter revealed she was being “driven mad” at the fact she couldn’t find her favourite bra.

As she gave listeners a more personal insight into her private life, the BBC star revealed she would be emptying all her draws over the weekend to find the item of underwear and put an end to her torment.

But before she embarked on the intimate topic, she wondered would spark negative responses from listeners.

“I don’t know how this is going to be picked up,” she began, “But you know you have certain things that you know you have and you just can’t find them?”

“So I have lots of things in twos because if they work and I can afford it, I’ll buy things in twos.”

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Nicky agreed that it was a smart way to shop as the breakfast show presenter explained her predicament with her bra.

Naga added that because of her BBC Breakfast role, she has to be “very mindful” of the type of things she wears on-air to avoid criticism.

“This might make you a bit uncomfortable…” she said, as Nicky wondered where the conversation was going.

“This is something men don’t have to worry about but women do – and we think about these things!” she said.

“No because it’s there, I’m not going to waste money buying another one!” she snapped.

“That’s not the answer, you find the said offending item!”

Nicky laughed as she replied: “This is a lovely insight into your life,” before asking how she came about making the decision to buy double of everything.

Naga smiled as she nodded: “I just stick to what I know. When the other one was past its best.

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