Monty Don: Gardening expert shares how to keep slugs and snails away from plants


Slugs and snails are garden pests that can cause a plethora of problems, even in the most well-kept gardens. Gardening expert Monty Don has revealed his top tips for keeping on top of slugs and snails. His advice includes encouraging wildlife into your garden which will get rid of them for you.

He also advises fellow gardeners to create sections of their garden that are snail-free to grow your most vulnerable plants.

Monty explained in a video on the Gardeners’ World website: “Nothing will do more to cope with slugs and snails than a really healthy eco-system in your garden.

“So if you can make a pond, that does a huge amount of good.

“It attracts frogs and toads. Lots of hedges, shrubs and trees, that attracts blackbirds and thrushes.

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Monty showed viewers his garden which has a slug and snail-free section.

One area has plants growing under sun protections with cold frames.

He added: “We try to keep this area as a slug and snail-free zone.

“It’s got hard surfaces. We use gravel which is dry and abrasive and they [snails and slugs] don’t like that.

It’s best to replenish beer traps every few days as the yeast solution can evaporate and rainwater can dilute it.

Monty also recommends checking under pots and containers at least once a week to check for slugs and snails.

He added: “I suppose the moral is, put your energy into a slug-free zone which can be quite small – just a couple of feet by a couple of feet.

“Use that to protect plants that really need it.”

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