Mark Labbett: The Chase star responds to ‘disappointed’ viewer after show suggestion | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV


The Chasers Road Trip sees the stars travel across the world to explore the future of intelligence, from a self-solving puzzle cube to facial recognition technology.

However, all three chasers made it clear that camping was off the agenda for them, as Mark even threatened to call his agent over the mere suggestion of sleeping under the stars.

In the second episode of the series, the trio took on kids in a host of games before then being taken to a camping site for an alfresco evening. 

Shaun shared: “There’s no way I’m sleeping in a field, absolutely no chance. I’m a hotel geezer, fluffy pillows, running water, none of this glamping or clamping of whatever the trendy term they use for it is, I don’t do it.”

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