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The purse found in Market Deeping in 1987 contained old banknotes and coins from the 80s belonging to a ‘Diana’ who knew a ‘Lee’.

Diana was later tracked down following police enquiries.

The police appeal read: “1987, what a year. Petrol 1.70 gallon, hurricane hits the south coast and someone in Market Deeping loses their purse.

“Well it has just been handed in at Market Deeping Police station.

“Let’s see if we can find the owner. Do you know a Diana and Lee from Market Deeping?”

The purse was soon returned after enquiries were made and Diana was tracked was tracked down.

Police confirmed that the purse was returned to the owner’s husband.

Inspector Reid Martin said: “We are delighted to have returned the purse and it’s contents.

“Although it took a while, a long while, for the purse to be handed in, it shows it’s never too late and I’m grateful we have been able to reunite the purse to the owners family.”

Insp Martin added that the person who first located the purse had tried to return it to the owner for some time but had never succeeded.

He said: “It was found by a local man back in 1987 who tried to return it to the owner after a slip of paper was found inside containing some details,”

“Despite several attempts to get it to the owner he never succeeded and subsequently forgot about it.

“It was only recently that while moving house that the man found it in the loft and handed it in to police.”

The purse still contained the original cash, which was just more than £20.

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