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It landed on the eagle’s back and began pecking at its head.

Wildlife photographer Liu Chia-Pin, who took the pictures in Taipei, Taiwan, said: “When the eagle caught a snake and was about to eat it, he did not expect to enter the sphere of influence of the small bird.

“The serpent eagle has a 5ft wing span but the small bird kept attacking it in the air.

“It even stood on the back of the eagle as it was flying away.”

The drongo, common in much of southern Asia, is known for its aggressive behaviour, earning it the nickname “king crow”.

One such bird of prey is the crested serpent eagle it attacks in this incident, which is a medium-sized bird of prey that is found in forested habitats across tropical Asia.

They call often with a loud, piercing and familiar three or two-note call.

They often feed on snakes, giving them their name and are placed along with the Circaetus snake-eagles in the subfamily Circaetinae.

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