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Lidl is selling a 1.1kg steak this Easter Bank Holiday called the ‘Big Cowboy’ steak.

The piece of meat is even bigger than the Aldi Tomahawk Steak, which was a huge hit last year.

The German supermarkets are going head to head to produce the best and biggest steaks on the UK high street.

While the tomahawk steak weighted in from 1kg on the bone, Lidl just beats it at 1.1kg.

The steak, which has been dry aged on the bone for 14 days and matured for 21 days, is in stores only for £14.99.

Richard Bourns, Head of Meat Buying at Lidl UK, said: “We are committed to providing our customers with the best quality meat at market leading prices.

“All our beef is British and assured to the high welfare standards of the Red Tractor quality assurance scheme, ensuring our meat is not only of the highest quality, but fully traceable from British farms to fork.

“Our premium Deluxe steaks continue to be extremely popular with customers and we’re sure our Deluxe Cowboy Steak will not disappoint”.

How do you go about cooking a steak this large? Does the weight affect how long you cook for.

How to cook steak

How long you cook a steak depends on how rare you like it.

Steaks traditionally are cooked in five ways; blue, rare, medium-rare, medium and well done.

BBC Good Food recommends cooking for one and a half minutes each side, for rare two and a quarter minutes each side, medium-rare for three and a quarter minutes each side and for medium about four a half minutes each side, for a 3.5cm thick fillet steak.

It claims for a well-done steak you should cook for four to five minutes on each side.

The thicker the steak the longer the timings will be.

MacBeths Butchers also recommends: “Roughly two hours before you are ready to start cooking, remove your steaks from the vacuum bag (if you have stored them in your deep freeze, remember to defrost them first!) and place them on a plate, removing them from the fridge ½ an hour before cooking to come up to room temperature.”

However, there have been recent health warnings that cooking meat for too long can increase cancer risk

The publishing arm of Harvard Medical School advises not to overcook or burn your meat.

Easter eggs are also flying off the shelves as Easter weekend is fast approaching.

Cadbury’s Easter eggs include one whooping three foot extravaganza. 

Standing at nearly three feet tall the chocolate egg is up to 4cm thick in places.

Chocolatiers Eve Turner and Gail Deeley have been hard at work on the creation, pouring tempered chocolate into a giant mould and delicately joining the two halves together.

Where can you buy a cheese Easter egg

Cheester, a savoury easter egg made from freshly sourced milk and traditional Farmhouse Dairy methods, will be available in high-street stores next month.

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