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Latest polls suggest the party will face a battering in the upcoming general election, with voters taking a wrecking ball to the so-called “red wall” of Labour heartland in northern England and Wales. The party is still reeling from results of a YouGov poll that showed Labour faced losing dozens of seats in the Midlands and the north of England.

The poll, which correctly forecasted a hung parliament in 2017, indicates the Conservatives will win a huge majority with 359 seats nationwide, with Labour getting just 211, the SNP 43 and the Liberal Democrats 13.

In Leigh, “an impenetrable Labour stronghold for almost a century”, voters look set to put an X next to another party’s name for the “first time in their lives”, according to the Manchester Evening News.

In the 2017 election, the Tories recorded their best result since the 1970s, with 36 percent of the vote, finishing 10,000 votes behind Labour.

The paper said there were now signs that the Tories could be making even further inroads, with Boris Johnson’s pro-Brexit stance winning admirers.

Leigh voted overwhelmingly to leave in the 2016 EU referendum, with 63 percent voting to Leave.

Speaking to the paper, Carla Bassett said: “I’ll be voting Tory for the first time in my life.

“I like Boris and I want to see the points-based immigration system brought in.”

“It sounds awful but there are people who are getting all the support ahead of those who have fought for this country who are on the streets.”

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Vicky Francis said: “The antisocial behaviour in Leigh is absolutely terrible.

“I don’t get how our taxes for policing can keep going up when we’re not seeing any more officers on our streets.”

The news comes as Labour support in the northern heartlands has collapsed in recent weeks in a shocking turn of events, with Mr Johnson appearing to have achieved the impossible.

The Tories have faced a colossal battle for years over the north of England, which was largely down to the deep divisions caused by the late Margaret Thatcher.

The YouGov poll highlights Mr Corbyn’s unpopularity with voters in Labour’s traditional heartlands where his vague position on Brexit appears to have badly backfired.

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