Friday , April 10 2020

Kodi shock as Google forced to block popular TV player downloads

Kodi has now spoken out about this latest issue with the Keith Herrington telling TorrentFreak: “It’s unfortunate content companies continue to lump us and VLC together with services who are clearly in violation of copyright law by not only providing streams to their content but using their logo, etc and that Google doesn’t even bother to check or validate, they just remove.

“It feels like a very ‘guilty until proven innocent’ model which I do not agree with.”

Kodi has now submitted a notice to Google with the hope that things will be reinstated soon.

This latest takedown comes just weeks after Kodi spoke out about the ways in which its player is being used.

In a blog post, the player said: “Kodi is a free and open source media centre software application.

“It is created and supported by the group of unpaid volunteers known as Team Kodi”One important point of note is that whilst Team Kodi produces media centre software, one thing that we do not provide is actual media. We don’t make films, television channels or programmes, nor do we directly provide them as part of the software package that we distribute.

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