Joe Biden warned he has ‘little leeway’ in tense China relations – ‘Rock and a hard place’ | World | News


Prof Etler then added to PressTV that Mr Biden will have to keep up pressure on China after Mr Trump’s policies enjoyed bipartisan support.

He added: “In many respects, Biden has inherited Trump’s hardline China policy, particularly when it comes to military confrontations.

“Now that the Democrats have control of all the levers of power in Washington they have to show that they are tough on China in order to defuse any criticism from their right flank.”

Prof Etler then said: “At present, Biden has little leeway in his dealings with China.

“In the long-term, however, it’s in the economic interests of the US to seek an accommodation with China and expend its energy in getting its own house in order before it goes off on some ill-fated and doomed foreign adventures.”

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