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Homes Under The Hammer presenter Jacqui Joseph joined the BBC show alongside Tommy Walsh, 65, last year. The pair are now a part of the line-up alongside veteran host and property expert Martin Roberts and his co-stars Martel Maxwell and Dion Dublin.

During filming for a recent episode, the interior designer said a buyer didn’t take her advice to move a boiler out of a bedroom, despite her warning him about the noise it could cause. Jacqui claimed they wanted a quick sale so didn’t want to make any big changes.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, she said: “A lot of the auction buyers that we talk to, nine times out of 10 the sort of ideas I have, I can’t speak for the rest of the gang, but they say, ‘Yeah that’s what I’m going to do, I’m gonna open that out, I’m gonna put Bi-fold doors there and some things there’.”

But experiencing the first time her advice was dismissed on the show, she added: “I was in Coventry and the boiler was in one of the bedrooms upstairs so I said to the chap, ‘Are you going to move that boiler?’ Knowing that obviously it’s going to cost money to move it downstairs, I had a feeling what he was going to say, he just said no, he’s not going to move it.

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“I was just a bit [like], ‘Oh, that’s a shame,’ because whoever is going to have that bedroom – every time the water tap is turned on they’re going to hear it – the boiler might just sort of kick in to action

“Sometimes they don’t [take her advice], for cost purposes, ‘No I’m going to leave it there,’ although my idea would be to get it moved, it’s a little thing.

“I think with my background in interior design, I would ask what sort of style they want for their property, is it going to be neutral, are you going to go for contemporary? Are you going for a country cottage look? I’m always intrigued to hear about what sort of style they are thinking of.

“I’m the new girl so not yet, I’m hoping there’s not going to be something where I walk through and the floor caves in.

“I just hope nothing like that happens, but so far, I’ve not had any disasters at all.

“There’s gonna be something, I’ll go and open the door and it’ll just fall off or something like that and the door will fall off in my hand – I’m sure something is gonna happen.”

The designer first auditioned to be a presenter on the show four years ago, but missed out on the role to Martel.

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