Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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Italy news: Salvini REBELS against PC at Christmas protecting Christian symbols in schools | World | News

Ministers of the Italian populist government are taking a clear stance over the presence of symbols of in schools. Rather than embracing the politically correct positions taken by some schools which are chucking Christian symbols out so as not offend children practising other faiths, members of the Lega-Five Star Movement government want them displayed. Marco Bussetti, the education minister, told 180 teachers and school leaders he firmly believes the crucifix and nativity cribs represents part of Italy’s history and can’t do any harm. 

Speaking at the Federation of Catholic Schools’ annual congress in Rome, the independent minister said: “To me the crucifix is the symbol of our history, culture and traditions.

“I can’t see why it would bother anyone when displayed in our classrooms.

“Actually, it could help reflect on our history.”

Mr Bussetti is backing nativity scenes and cribs in schools during the festive period, as “they are part of our identity.” 

This comes after a number of Italian headteachers banning religious symbols and eradicating references to Christianity from recitals and songs over fears they could offend non-Catholic families.

Earlier today Mr , the Italian interior minister, lashed out at teachers who asked pupils rehearsing for their annual Christmas play to omit the name of Jesus Christ, despite it being present in the original carol.

The story made it to the front pages in Italy as a 10-year-old schoolgirl rebelled against this demand and obtained permission to sing the carol in full after gathering the signatures of her classmates. 


Mr Salvini wrote on Twitter: “How can anyone possibly think the word ‘Jesus’ would offend someone?

“The child was incredible, the teachers deplorable.

“Hands off our traditions! #LongLiveChristmas”

Mr Salvini was the protagonist of another outburst against politically correctness just last month, when a school in Terni, central , cancelled its traditional nativity recital “as a sign of respect” for pupils from other cultures. 

The anti-immigration interior minister wrote on Facebook: “Christmas is approaching and again some ‘headteacher’ wants to prevent recitals.

“Is it just me or this looks like a damn IDIOCY? It is not just about religion, but about history, roots, culture.

“I will not give up — Long live our traditions.”     

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