Iraq attack: US base hit by ‘three rockets’ at military airbase – one person injured | World | News


Middle Eastern media has reported one military contractor for a US company has been injured. Reporters in Iraq announced they heard the sound of an explosion around Balad Airbase, on Saturday. The military base is located in the southern province of Saladin.

The blasts at the airbase were caused by three Katyusha rockets.

Southern Iraq’s Saladin Governorate announced the explosions were caused by 107mm rockets.

The three rockets hit the former headquarters of the US Sally Porter Company, which is located inside the airbase.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces are based at the former headquarters of Sally Porter Company.

Three people have been injured in the attack, including an American contractor.

Also today, seven people, including five jihadists were killed in a fire-fight between Iraqi security and members of ISIS.

The incident happened today north of Baghdad.

The Iraqi army raided a site where an ISIS unit was planning a suicide attack in the capital.

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In January, 30 people were killed in an ISIS attack in Baghdad.

Officials at the irbase spoke on condition of anonymity with local Iraqi media, this is in line with regulations.

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