Investigation as number of girls seeking gender transition treatment rises 4,515 percent | UK | News

Equalities Minister has asked officials to investigate the reasons for the dramatic 4,415 percent increase – and wants to know if the internet could be influencing the way girls think about the issue.

Figures indicate the number of children referred for gender treatment such as hormone injections has increase from 97 in 2009/10 to 2,519 in 2017/18.

Most strikingly, among girls, the figure is up from 40 to 1,806, meaning girls are currently far more likely to seek to become boys than vice versa.

In total, 45 children were aged six or under, with the youngest aged just four.

Sixty-three percent of them had one or more diagnoses of a psychiatric disorder or neurodevelopmental disability before announcing they wanted to

Nearly half of them had self-harmed while 50 percent had undergone a traumatic event such as bullying or sexual abuse.

Last year 800 children in England unhappy with their gender received puberty blocking injections, including some as young as ten.

Dr Lucy Griffin, a consultant psychiatrist at Bristol Royal Infirmary, admitted she was ‘extremely worried’ about the long-term effects such medication would have on youngsters.

She has warned treatments can render them infertile, cause osteoporosis and result in sexual dysfunction.

Medicines include ‘puberty blocker’ drugs, which halt the onset of adulthood, and ‘cross sex hormones’ which initiate the process of transitioning from one sex to another.

In an article written for scientific journal Psychological Perspectives last year, Philadelphia-based psychotherapist Lisa Marchiano wrote: “On sites such as YouTube, thousands of homemade videos chronicle the gender transitions of teenagers. 

“‘I finally have freedom!” posters boast under photographs of their scarred chests post mastectomy. 

“‘I’m no longer pre-T!” boasts another under a video of someone injecting testosterone. 

“‘My name is Cameron! I’m a nineteen-year-old nonbinary/trans person living in Ohio! 

“I’m excited to say that yesterday was my first injection! I am so happy with the person I am becoming.’ 

“Almost all of these posters are under 25 years of age.”

Ms Marchiano said young people were also finding “validation” online for their self-diagnosis as transgender. 

She added: “The blog meticulously details the process by which a questioning young person is encouraged to understand his or her symptoms as evidence of being trans. 

“Young people on reddit and other social media sites explain that they started wondering whether they were trans because they enjoyed creating opposite-sex avatars in online games and liked the clothing or hairstyles of the opposite sex. 

“Commentators frequently respond by telling them they sound like a ‘textbook case’ and congratulate them on ‘finding out early’.”

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