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Hurricane Florence is tearing through the Carolina states, with wind speeds now racing at 50mph as the storm dumps a barrage of rain and fierce winds on the region.

Almost one million people are now without power and a total of seven people have been killed since landfall in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Among them were a mother and her young daughter who were killed when a tree fell on them as the hurricane bore down.

When Florence first hit on Friday morning, the storm battered the city of Wilmington with gusts reaching 105mph, the strongest the city had felt since 1958.

The latest spate of hurricanes is due to the Atlantic hurricane season, where the coast and mainland of the US is bombarded by constant heavy winds and inches of rain.

Florence has already dropped about 40 inches of rain along the North Carolina coast, and is set to drive towards South Carolina in the future.

Along with surge related flooding and local rivers overflowing, the scenes caused by Florence suggest the storm is among the worst.

However, Florence doesn’t begin to match up to some of the worst hurricanes in the America – and the world’s – history.

What are the biggest hurricanes in history?

In terms of strength and size, hurricane Florence is dwarfed by some of the world’s historically extreme weather systems.

The 2003 hurricane/typhoon season was one of the worst on record for the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, with a super typhoon named Haiyan being a key antagonist of the period.

Haiyan raked extreme winds of 220mph across the Philippines, with a 10-foot surge of water detected in parts of the region.

Talking to CBS News, Michael Palmer, lead meteorologist for the Weather Channel hailed Haiyan as “the most powerful storm ever to make landfall.”

In comparison, Florence at its peak was swirling with winds of 150mph, nowhere near the power of typhoon Haiyan.

Not far behind was a category 5 hurricane which graced the US in 1969 named Camille.

Long before Katrina made landfall and decimated the land of the Mississippi, Camille smashed the state with wind speeds of 190mph, and racked up damage costs of £1.07billion ($1.41 billion).

Worst hurricanes in history measured by fatalities

Hurricanes don’t need to be large to be the worst, as high fatality rates caused by vicious winds can leave a much larger impression on society.

The 1900 Galveston hurricane has been hailed as the deadliest natural disaster in US history, and saw winds of 145mph smash into Texas with enough force to kill up to 16,000 people.

Not far behind is the san Ciriaco hurricane, which made landfall wth 150mph winds in Florida the year before in 1899, killing 3,389 in the process.

Through the years, hurricane defences have been bolstered and developed but 2017’s hurricane Maria still saw massive loss of life.

Just last year, Maria hit Puerto Rico with winds of 175mph, causing £69billion ($91billion) in damage and killing 3,057 people.

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