How to Annoy Your Boyfriend

Most things that your boyfriend finds annoying will be specific to him and your individual relationship. The basics of playing games, too much texting, and being indecisive are very common, but everyone has individual preferences. Some guys don’t like burps, others are freaked out by your feet touching them. With any of these things, consider why you are doing them. Playful annoyance can be fun if done in moderation; however, if this is your break up plan, you may need some lessons in honesty and self-confidence.


Playing Mind Games

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    Make a list of things you know annoy him. Does he get annoyed by a particular accent? Does he dislike particular bands or genres of music? Does he feel annoyed being tickled? These are simple ones, but the list goes on and on.
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    Brush up on your list and prepare for the next time you see him. Especially if you are around each other regularly, annoying him on a consistent basis is easy, so long as you remember your list and are prepared to imitate that accent, blast that music, and tickle him to your heart’s content. Just remember to annoy him for a laugh and not cross the boundary into anger.
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    Be rude. If you’re cold-hearted and cruel, this should come natural. Forget every bit of manners even exist for a few minutes. Talk over him, be obnoxious, pester him, nag constantly, and play keep away with his things. See if you can get a laugh out of him.

    • Be wary if he has a temper and try not to really hurt his feelings or you may come off as more a bully than an annoying girlfriend.
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    Be indecisive. For example, ask where you should eat out, veto his suggestions, then have no suggestions of your own. Better yet, offer something he suggested earlier in the conversation.[1]

    • Be aware of the time and place. Don’t make yourselves late for a reservation or try this when he is already having a long day.
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    Play dumb. Fiddle with your hair and gaze at him with a slightly glazed expression as you fixate on his lips.

    • When asked for an opinion, giggle and say you don’t know anything about that.
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    Pretend to give up all of your hobbies and interests to focus on him. Who cares if you were a state champion volleyball player before? He loves video games so the only workout you should get is from playing FIFA online. It can be cute and endearing to pretend you’re just like one of the guys.
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    Always ask him what he’s thinking. The more you ask, the more annoyed he will be. Take the approach of being an inquisitive child. The more you ask “why”, the shorter your conversation will be. Pepper in some sarcasm to punctuate that you are just trying to make him laugh.
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    Arrive late. Note the appropriate time to execute this strategy. Don’t be late for a work function but you can be late for a social outing with your friends or family to make him squirm at any awkwardness. You don’t have to say sorry but show up in time so any awkwardness is bearable and can be laughed at after the fact.[2]
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    Talk, ask questions, and make a lot of comments while he watches tv or a movie. Try to do this especially during an action sequences or important parts in the story. Better yet, do it while he watches sports and the score is close.[3]

    • Some guys are more intense when watching their favourite programs so be sure to gage the context.
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    Use, or don’t use, your words. Correct him about his inaccurate facts or ways of doing things. Employ the silent treatment to get whatever you want.

    • Don’t give him the silent treatment too long or you could create a volatile situation. Make sure to laugh once he understands that it’s a joke.
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    Be as needy as possible. Look to gain his approval or pretend to suffocate him for a short period of time. For example, try to help him with stuff after he says he doesn’t need any help.[4]
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    Pretend to change him. Complain about what he does and tell him that you want him to change. Make him laugh by acting out a parody of how he should be doing things correctly. Exaggerate movements and tell him to do things incorrectly so he knows that you are joking.
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    Be immature. The little things always count. Do annoying things such as calling his name multiple times, keep touching him when he’s trying to concentrate etc.


Using Your Phone

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    Try to have conversations over text while he’s working or with friends. It is also funny to make him squirm with sexual innuendo when he can’t talk. You can also send nonsensical emoticons in response to his texts. Don’t tailor the type of communication channel to the content of the message.[5]
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    Call him repeatedly. Pay attention to his schedule and, when it is appropriate, call him 2 or 3 times in a row even if you no longer have anything to talk about the second and third time.

    • This can be funny as long as he is not driving or needing to keep a tight schedule.
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    Message him whenever you’re free. You can even say something like “just wanted to annoy you”, to let him know that you are being playful. If he says he’s busy then you can say that will just annoy him when he’s free.[6]

    • Texting random facts or pictures can be both fun and annoying depending on the dynamic of your relationship.
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    Never put your phone down. Whether you’re texting with your friends or playing a game, constantly using your phone is definitely irritating when your boyfriend wants to spend time with you.[7]

    • Taking selfies and using social media every chance you get allows you to detach from the situation so be sure to reengage when the joke is over.


Playing Up Insecurities

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    Be self conscious. Talk about how ‘ugly’ or ‘fat’ you think you look, even if you don’t feel this way. Ask him if you look fat. When he tells you, ‘no’, be sure to continue pestering him but don’t make him too uncomfortable.[8]

    • Fish for compliments. Never ask directly for acknowledgement, rather user sarcasm or the tone of your voice to let him know that he should compliment you.
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    Limit his time with his friends. Anytime he wants to go out without you, pretend to whine and pout. Playfully, ask him if he’s going out to pick up chicks but reassure him once the joke is over.[9]

    • Make him choose between hanging with his guy friends or hanging out with you. You can make the choice obvious by saying something obviously playful like, “you can either play poker with your friends or you can stay home with me and clean the garage.”
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    Play the crazy jealous girlfriend. Men absolutely hate it when their girlfriend asks who they were with and what they were doing. Suspicion is not an aphrodisiac so only pretend to be a crazy jealous girlfriend and don’t go too far into the role.[10]

    • Stick to light suspicious questioning. If you start checking his phone and computer for evidence of what he’s up to when you aren’t around, you may have bigger issues in the relationship.
    • Lightly tease him if he hangs out with other females.
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    Ask him what he’d do in ‘hypothetical’ situations. Female mini-tests of getting proof that he loves you or will choose you over something/one or (god, forbid) will die for you.

    • Be insecure. Question things he does and pretend that he is doing it intentionally to slight you.


Being a Diva

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    Tell him that you’re a princess and deserved to be treated that way. Scare him by pretending to go shopping for expensive gifts you want him to buy for you. This is especially effective if your relationship is still new. When you plan dates with your boyfriend, tell him to take you to a fancy restaurant. Act like you aren’t being spoiled but it’s your right to demand expensive dinners.[11]
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    Get him to drive you around. Make him your personal chauffeur for a few hours or a day. Get him to wait for you in the car and not do anything else but be at your beck and call. Just when you know he’s about to reach his limit, text or call him and let him know that it was a joke. Don’t go overboard and make him resent you.
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    End your time with him abruptly. After a long day of getting him to run around for you, don’t give him a chance to get romantic or close to you. Tell him to take you home so that you can sleep. Once you see that he’s annoyed, show him that you are considerate of him.
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    Go out with your friends. Cancel plans with your boyfriend and tell him that it’s because you have to go out with your friends. Make sure that you don’t cancel anything important and that you don’t go too far and make him feel alienated.
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    Make a fuss about everything. Pretend to get irritated for the smallest reasons and be bitchy. If he thinks it’s PMS affecting you, pretend to pick a fight about how he doesn’t understand you and knows nothing about women.

    • Don’t go over the top and make him question your character. Make it clear that you are exaggerating.
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    Always want more. Nothing can ever be enough for you. He buys you roses, you want chocolate. He hugs you twice a day, you want him to hug you 3 times a day. He talks to you for 1 hour, you want him for 3. Sarcasm and tone are effective to convey feign displeasure. is your news, entertainment, music & fashion website. We provide you with the latest news and videos straight from the entertainment industry.

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